Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I was kind of sad b/c food in Portugal was rather MEH. I was expecting near-Spain level seafood (not so much) and/or at least same vibrancy in flavors. Moving on. I did have two good things in Lisbon: grilled sardines, and pasteis de belem (also pastel de nata). I forgot the name of the place I had the sardines but it was on the way to Castelo de Sao Jorge right off where the tram 28 drops you off near the miraduoro.


Yum diddly dum yum. Kind of a lot of food and very little greens (MY GOD i was proteined-OUT on my trip). One thing annoying in Portugal was also the couverts--appetizers that kind of seem like typical bread spread or free like the Korean stuff, but NO, not free, priced, and no mention that you can decline them (or that they aren't included in your meal).


AAAAND of course obligatory bones shot a la my Bastille Day post fr a few yrs ago :)


The other good/amazing thing was the pastel de nata/pasteis de belem.


Egg custards. NOT JUST ANY EGG CUSTARD...amazeballs eggs custards w/ cinnamon and sugar and the best puff pastry I've ever had.


Just look at that gooooooooo. Good stuff. Redeeming things for Lisbon--other than it's whole omg I'm such a quaint little place with unbelievably cute looking, classically old houses, narrow, winding alleys, random guitar/accordian music wafting in the air and lively people bursting into the alleyways all happy and dance-y and being all cinematic and all. PFFFFFFTTTT. Lisbon.


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