Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Parm for Julia's birthday...

ICE CREAM CAKE. and big portions...that is the takeaway :) Pretty comforting food, can't complain. I'm not sure why some of the photos show up *SO RED*...:( but I'm gonna say success of dim lighting tinkering w/ my camera was successful...yes, i'll stick with that :) WHATEVER JUST READ ON ALREADY!

Apps: pickled mushroom (yum), spicy rabe (meh, and not spicy!), giardinia pickles (yum)...
Parm - pickled mushroom, spicy rabe, giardinia pickles

Infamous calamari--not sure why it's infamous, it's sufficient!
Parm - calamari

Meatball parm & chicken parm:
Parm - Meatball roll Parm - Chicken parm hero

Baked Zitti w/ meat gravy:
Parm - Baked Zitti w/ meat gravy

ICE CREAM CAKE!!!!! classic (pistachio, strawberry, chocolate!--that chocolate crusty thing in the middle is pretty tasty. the faux retarded cream is palatable :))
Parm classic ice cream cake and smores ice cream cake Parm

UM YEAH. tasty.
Parm classic ice cream cake

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The Feisty Redhead said...

Next time, I vote we skip the spicy rabe and just go straight for the ice cream cake -- with a side of meatball.